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Benefits of Membership

Put together a Chamber Music Group
Easily locate musicians who enjoy chamber music as much as you do and are interested in arranging sessions, both in your area and while you are traveling. Use the ACMP printed Worldwide Directory or the search function in the Member Center to find musicians by geographic region, instrument, and self-grading level. Members expect to be telephoned or e-mailed to arrange an afternoon or evening of music-making. Initiating and responding to contacts is what the ACMP network is all about.

Hire a professional coach
The Home Coaching grant program for ACMP members provides up to 50% of a coach's fee. Hiring a coach is a real plus for musicians at all levels who meet regularly as a group — it helps you to gain musical insight, develop rehearsal skills, and exchange musical ideas.

Save with the Member Discount Program
As a member, you will be eligible for discounts on music, instrument accessories, concert tickets, and other opportunities under development.

Discover the World of Music Workshops
ACMP members receive printed or online copies of a definitive guide to adult amateur music workshops and conferences worldwide. This is a useful tool for planning holidays and vacations.

Access a Wealth of Online Resources
At the Online Resources page, you'll find a wide range of links to music resources on the Internet. It's the place to go for information about repertory, events, related organizations, and any number of topics. As a member, you can communicate online with others in the ACMP community by sending a message or posting a notice on the member Bulletin Board. A special Downloads page — available to members only — includes the Workshop Guide, a comprehensive listing of workshops for amateurs and professionals worldwide; and other valuable documents you can download.

Receive the ACMP Newsletter
Stay connected with the ACMP family through The Chamber Music Network Newsletter, published three times a year, which contains useful articles about workshops, play-ins, and related musical topics, as well as members' comments and reports of their chamber music experiences around the world.

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