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Amateur orchestras
Alhambra Orchestra
Community orchestra in Miami
American Symphony Orchestra League
This website lists orchestras in the US and includes community and amateur orchestras.
Beijing International Chamber Orchestra
Founded as an intercultural project in September 2007, the Beijing International Chamber Orchestra brings together professional and amateur musicians of all nationalities and ages. Our repertoire includes orchestral and chamber works across multiple genres from Baroque to Jazz, echoing melodies from China as well as Hollywood.
COSM Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra of Science and Medicine in New York City
Encore Tours
At Encore, we design specialized itineraries for all types of orchestral ensembles including chamber orchestras, jazz ensembles, marching bands and symphony orchestras.

As your musical selections are chosen to enhance your group's strengths, so should the company representing you in the tour planning process reflect your commitment to excellence in your art. From coordination of instrument transportation and rental, to great flights and dynamic venues, direct billing, and on-line support, our expertise will help you to create memories that last a lifetime for your participants.
London City Orchestra
LCO is a committee-led amateur orchestra that plays and performs in the heart of London. We have the excellent and incredibly experienced Peter Thomas (leader of the CBSO from 1990-2003) directing us and provide performance opportunities for anyone interested in playing high quality music for fun. We would love to hear from anyone interested who are based in London!
Northport Community Orchestra, Northport, NY
The mission of The Northport Community Orchestra (NCO) is to contribute to the community's quality of life through free public performances of classical music, while providing a fulfilling artistic experience for adult professional, amateur, and advanced student musicians on Long Island.
Settignano Chorus and Orchestra, Settignano, Italy
When you visit Tuscany, bring your instrument, and join in for a rehearsal.
St. Thomas Orchestra, WestChester, New York
The St. Thomas Orchestra provides performance opportunities for skilled avocational musicians, serious musical students and professional musicians at a high quality level and enhances cultural offerings available to the community by presenting extremely affordable live performances of the standard orchestral repertoire.
UK Amateur Orchestras
Comprehensive UK listing
Amateur chamber music societies
The Amateur Chamber Music Players of South Australia, an organization of amateurs and professionals who "like to meet at organised venues as well as at home to play music, share our music resources, and develop our knowledge and experience of chamber music."
Amateur Chamber Music Players - Southern African Chapter
ACMP Office Telephone & Fax: [021] 683 2023
Amateur Classical Musicians Association
Supporting the talent and dedication of amateur classical musicians throughout New York City and beyond
Amateur Muziek
Chamber Music Society in the Netherlands
Boston Piano Amateurs
An amateur society for pianists in Boston.
CAMMAC: Canadian Amateur Musicians
"CAMMAC is a non-profit Canadian organization which provides opportunities for musicians (singers and instrumentalists) of all levels to meet other musicians and to make music together in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere."
Chamber Music Player’s List
Chamber music players mailing list for the discussion of playing techniques, repertoire, individual instrument playing questions, instrument selection, management and whatever else pertains to chamber music playing.
Chamber Music Society of Santa Barbara (California)
sponsors master classes and workshops directed toward adult and student chamber music players, programs to encourage public support of and interest in chamber music, concerts and educational programs for children and adults, and works with local schools to encourage young students to begin playing chamber music.
Chamber Musicians of Northern California
"Providing opportunities for musicians to play and enjoy chamber music."
Chti Cambristi chamber music society of Norhern France
Open to amateurs and professionals, helps players to find partners, to organize concerts, and to publicize new groups.
Farnham Chamber Music Club
Farnham Chamber Music Club (Farnham, UK) maintains a list of, mostly amateur, musicians who can contact fellow members in order to sing or play a specific item of chamber music. There are monthly concerts at which music prepared in this way can be performed.
Friends of Chamber Music (Portland Ore)
Friends of Chamber Music, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to presenting the highest quality chamber ensembles in concert, and providing educational outreach to further chamber music in our community. Friends of Chamber Music (FOCM) is honored with the distinction of being the longest non-interrupted chamber music series in Oregon and the sixth longest running in the country.
Greater Summerville Music Forum
Greater Summerville Music Forum in Summerville, South Carolina
I Cambristi
Chamber music society in Belgium
Making Music
(UK) Supporting and championing voluntary music.
Mazer Quartet Society, Stockholm
The Mazer String Quartet Society is a chamber music association which has amongst its membership amateur musicians (both experienced and inexperienced), professional artistes and listeners. The one thing they all have in common is a love of chamber music. Many of Sweden's foremost chamber musicians play together with more or less skilled amateurs. The society has been of great importance in the development of the Swedish string quartet.
Music For People
"Music for People (MfP) is a grass-roots organization dedicated to re-vitalizing music making for individuals and groups and to promoting music as a means of self-expression. The belief that making improvisational music can be a joy to everyone is one of the central tenets of our philosophy."
Orchestervereinigung Sindelfingen e.V. (OVS)
"Viele Musiker schätzen es, mit anderen Kammermusik zu spielen - ohne auf Einkommen zu zielen. Ob Berufs- und/oder Laien-Musiker zusammen kommen, sie betreiben Liebhaber-Kammermusik. Dabei kann es sich um erste Anfänge eines Zusammenspiels handeln oder auch um hoch professionell gespielte Musik Literatur.
Für Reisende, für Hinzuziehende und auch für Anfänger in Sachen Kammermusik ist es manchmal schwierig, die ersten Kontakte zu finden. Ihnen ist dieser Abschnitt gewidmet."
Quartet Mailing List
A mailing list devoted to playing techniques, repertoire, individual instrument playing questions (volin, viola, cello), instrument selection, quartet management and whatever else pertains to quartet playing.
Recreative Art Center, Phoenix
The Recreative Art Center in Phoenix, Arizona is a chamber music club that meets the 2nd or 3rd Sat. of each month for Phoenix area amateur wind, string, and keyboard chamber musicians. We gather in homes to form reading groups and present recitals.
Southend Chamber Music Club
UK - contact Mrs Melodie Wyeth, Secretary
on +44 (0)1702 540428
The Chamber Music Foundation of New England (CMFoNE)
Offers festivals, courses, workshops and competition for amateur players as well as young and professionals.
Violin Valuations
A listing of Music Clubs throughout the UK
West Coast Amateur Musicians Society in British Columbia, Canada.
Miscellaneous organizations
Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the performance and teaching of classical music at the highest standard. Through the Summer Chamber Music Workshop and Playing for Peace™ initiative, we strive to cultivate friendship, community, peace, and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures.
Benslow Music Trust
Benslow, in Hertfordshire, Britain, offers courses to amateurs playing Classical, jazz, light music, Chamber Music, early music and the rest - Benslow has something to offer all amateur musicians of whatever age or ability with a year-round programme of day music courses, residential music courses and summer music schools.
Cobbett Association
An international research organization dedicated to the study, evaluation and preservation of rare and neglected chamber music of special merit.
Hawksbridge Institute, New Hampshire, USA
HAWKSBRIDGE INSTITUTE is a music education conference center dedicated to the promotion of String Orchestra programs in public schools.
Located in seacoast NH, we offer workshops, seminars, and concerts for music teachers and their students.
Levine School of Music
Levine School of Music in Washington D.C. Georgetown area has chamber music courses offered for both adults and students.
LYRA String Quartet
LYRA String Quartet, Inc., a non-profit arts organization in Atlanta, GA, offers concerts, workshops and programs for amateur players and schools.
National Association of Composers/USA
NACUSA is a union representing nearly 200 composers, offering compositions for a dizzying combination of instruments. So if you are looking for a trio for piccolo, electric guitar and washboard, this might be a place to start your search. I visited some of the composer sites, and some are pretty good.
National Music Day Foundation
Launched in 1982, the Fete de la Musique (Music Day) is now celebrated in over 450 cities and 100 countries around the world on June 21st. The National Music Day Foundation was created by a group of music lovers, with a desire to share the joy of music with everyone, and reduce the barriers to music for all Americans.
Part time
This site is for all of the part-time musicians out there: people who love music and live to perform it, but who also work other jobs as well. As part-timers, we have unique constraints and challenges to solve, and these often require solutions that don’t match up perfectly to “expert advice”. We hope to share these solutions here, at

Lots of interesting things on this site.

Peabody Preparatory Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) Program
The Peabody Preparatory Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) Program offers chamber music courses for adults.
Rocky Mountain Center for the Musical Arts
Community music school in Lafayette, Colorado.
Tanner Ensemble
Tanner Chamber Music Ensemble in Yokohama, Japan

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