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ACMP — The Chamber Music Network is a non-profit organization that facilitates informal music-making by people of all ages and nationalities, from beginners to professionals.

Founded as a non-profit organization in 1947, ACMP, originally the Amateur Chamber Music Players, was the idea of Leonard Strauss, an American businessman whose work frequently included travel. Tired of practicing alone in hotel rooms, he dreamed of a network of musicians who could contact each other for chamber music sessions while at home or “on the road.”

With a small group of friends he organized an informal association that soon came to the attention of Helen Rice, an amateur violinist who had been harboring a similar dream. It was at her New York City apartment that ACMP was born. Helen was instrumental in creating our first Directory of chamber music enthusiasts in the United States. She became the organization’s first secretary and was its guiding spirit until her death in 1980. Mainly through her efforts, which included a vast correspondence in the days before e-mail, ACMP has grown to include members throughout the world.

The printed 2010-2011 Worldwide Directory and Supplement and our online database now represent over 6,000 members in 57 countries.
The Directory
The Directory is at the heart of ACMP–The Chamber Music Network. Use it to establish new friendships in your area and to meet fellow musicians when you travel. You can locate people by country, geographic region, instrument, and self-grading level. Members expect to be telephoned or e-mailed to arrange a morning, afternoon or evening of music-making. Initiating and responding to contacts is what the ACMP network is all about.

Your involvement is a matter of personal choice. You may be content to invite others for a one-time session, or you might wait for someone to call you. Think about using the Directory to organize a chamber music party or to find an extra player to expand your regular chamber music group.

ACMP also publishes a newsletter, The Chamber Music Network Newsletter, which offers material of general interest, as well as member-submitted anecdotes, reports of activities, and recommendations. There is also news about the ACMP Foundation, the grant-making arm of the organization, whose good works for the field continue to touch hundreds of amateur musicians of all ages every year.
The Chamber Music Network at
A database of the ACMP Worldwide Membership Directory is available at Check out the website for the most up-to-date member contact information, access to the online Bulletin Board and Send a Message service, exclusive ACMP member discounts and links to chamber music related information.
The ACMP Foundation
Over $3.6 million in grants have been awarded since 1994 by the ACMP Foundation for programs and projects that encourage participatory chamber music. Grants benefit ACMP members as well as the larger chamber music community. The Foundation, established in 1993, was funded through a generous bequest from Clinton B. Ford, an avid amateur violist and long-time member of ACMP.

For more information about the Foundation’s grant programs, including application guidelines, visit the Grant Programs page at our Website,

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