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ACMP-supported coaching of musicians

ACMP Grant Programs

fostering the playing of chamber music for people of
all ages and skill levels
Who We Are
The ACMP Foundation was formed in 1993 to foster the playing of chamber music for people of all ages and skill levels. Since 1994, ACMP has awarded 2,987 grants totaling over $3.95 million for programs and projects around the world that promote participatory chamber music activities.

ACMP grant recipients include both well-established and fledgling institutions, regional and national associations, recognized nonprofit organizations as well as individuals able to create and implement suitable programs.
Grant Programs

Chamber Music Workshops
ACMP has made 667 grants in this area since 1994, totaling $830,186 to date. Funding has directly resulted in the establishment of many workshops that continue to grow with each new season. Grants are awarded to subsidize coaches' salaries, to reduce registration fees, and to provide scholarships. In addition, technical support is available for those wishing to organize their own event.
Home Coaching
The Home Coaching program encourages musicians who meet regularly as a group to engage a professional coach in order to gain musical insight, develop efficient rehearsal skills and exchange musical ideas. ACMP provides up to 50% of the coach's fee. Participants must be ACMP members.
Special Initiatives
Projects or events that further the aims of ACMP but do not fall within our other grant programs are considered on an individual basis. Examples include funds to establish a database of contemporary chamber music (; seed money to initiate an amateur component at a major European festival; subsidy to scan and digitize out-of-print chamber music at the Sibley Music Library for public downloading via the Internet..

This program is currently suspended.

Community Music
With over 250 recipients since inception, Community Music has been the largest of ACMP's programs. Awards provide funding to community arts organizations in support of ongoing programs that offer musicians of all ages the opportunity to play and be coached in chamber music.

Community Music grants to organizations serving pre-college players favor programs for students of intermediate level and above. Grants averaging $1,000-$3,000 are generally made in support of scholarship aid and program staff salaries. This funding often makes it possible for students to experience chamber music for the first time. Community Music grants also support ongoing programs for adults at all levels of expertise in chamber music.

The program, suspended since 2011, will resume in late 2014, with a limited number of grants available for the Spring and Summer, 2015.

ACMP does not provide funding for: individual or group lessons in instrumental technique; choral, orchestral, and chamber orchestra programs; guest artist performances; activities intended for audience development; general administration.

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